Regrets….You’ll spend your whole life on them, even if you don’t realize it.  They’ll tug at you, hinder your exploration, make you worry about what ifs -

They’re that wall that confines you with no bricks nor stone, but your own lack of will and respect for yourself.

There’s an immense amount of regrets in my life, but the biggest of them is losing you.

//wow i haven’t been on this for forever.


//just stopping in to say i miss you all very much

//if you want to still rp with me, i rp with an original character in an original setting here. My personal blog is here.  And my art blog is here.

//I also do RPs on skype.  Just no more SNK stuff on tumblr :(

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//why are people following this blog, it’s dead

// because I want to..


//why are people following this blog, it’s dead

Blog On Hiatus 

//Howdy folks, might as well put this up here.  As it stands, this blog is currently on hiatus, as I am working on other roleplaying projects that require much of my attention.  If you still want to keep in contact, please throw me an ask and I can toss you my skype.  I’m also looking for folks to join along on the project, so if you’re interested in an RO setting world building fantasy roleplay…yeah, you probably aren’t BUT HEY, that’s what I’m doing and that’s where I’ll be RPing.

tagged game thing 

  1. One character in SnK who you want nothing more than to bring home and feed soup and take care of. Go.   Bertholdt Bertholdt Bertholdt Bertholdt Bertholdt
  2. Space or Dinosaurs?  Dinosaurs.  Little known Tande fact: I have watched Walking with the Dinosaurs at least 200 times in my life time.
  3. A dead character from a series OTHER than SnK you’d bring back.  Shinjiro from Persona 3  8(
  4. Favorite drink.  Chai Latte with a shot of pumpkin spice
  5. A food you could never get tired of.  Volcano Nachos from Taco Bell.  My butthole is aflame every time, but so worth it.
  6. Do you have the new Pokemon game? Who was your starter?  YES.  Froakie.
  7. Would you like to become a magical girl?  I’d rather have a megazord
  8. What is the meaning of life?  I could say something super deep and typical of a taoist here but instead I’m just going to say 34.
  9. TELL ME AN INTERESTING FACT ABOUT ANYTHING.  Nintendo originally was a card game company.
  10. What has it got in its pocketes?  I’m not wearing pants so…
  11. Where the fuck is my fucking coat?  Probably somewhere in the couch.



I am currently working on a new writing community project alongside a few of my friends.  Here’s the details:

Basically the idea behind this project is the following:

  • Tabletop oriented events following a central group for each plot (thus not open to everyone, but also means these such things can actually hit a character personally.)
  • A server that is built for roleplaying just as Agharta was, though more based in its lore.  RPG elements included.
  • Built lore around canon RO though with entries from DND so its easier to get into, build events off of, and build characters from.  While there is not much written for specific lore, we are inserting our own in order for the world building experience to work.
  • A closed community to avoid issues such as people joining simply to create drama, or thinking the server is simply for playing RO.
  • Approval based characters to ensure lore is being followed and characters are being well thought out.

As it is now, we are still building lore.  We have not started on the server itself yet, but we were going to go with whatever the newest version of rAthena is.  This means that costumes will be limited, or overwritten to allow for better ones.  Yes we will have tons of hats and other customization.  What else is a Tande good for?

For updates, please register and I’ll send out an email when certain milestones are made.  I am aiming for early Spring release, depending.

Thanks for your interest.  If you wish to help the project please contact me.  While much of the lore and server work is going to be done by a team selected by myself, you’re more than welcome to ask if we need any help.  Monetary help is the best kind of help, especially when it comes to buying a server to host the game server.  Coffee money helps too for those long nights writing. 

Anyway, sorry for giving you hype when you’ll have to wait for this project to be finished to even start playing.  Once lore is finished, we will open the wiki to read through and possibly open up the forum to allow for text based roleplay and character development.

Regardless, see you sometime soon.

You can find the forums here